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Livessavers Foundation maintains and promotes the health of employees and their accompanying family members who represent our different department abroad. Selected applicant will serve as professional counsellor providing services for employees at overseas posts. Worker will have multifaceted responsibilities at post which include but are not limited to the following:

Assessments of psychiatric problems, including substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder counselling, job stress counselling, cross-cultural adjustment issues counselling, crisis management consultation, conflict mediation/resolution, consultation on violence in the workplace, and crisis management training for employees assigned to hardship posts.

Candidates must be willing to serve worldwide. However, at some locations, adult eligible family members (EFMs) may be approved to accompany the SWLNA to post if they will fill certain mission-critical positions.

Provides crisis management training for employees. Provides supportive counselling and debriefings to employees.

Coordinates service provision with the Bureau of Medical Services’ Family Liaison Office, Office of Casualty Assistance, Regional Bureaus, and others.

Serves as technical expert on troubled employees and provides clinical guidance to post management on sensitive situations such as interpersonal relations on the job, job stress, violence in the workplace, medical illness, medical disability, and family problems.

Advises and counsels employees of the possible administrative consequences of activities adversely affecting job performance caused by personal problems. Refers such employees for consultations with the appropriate office responsible for effecting disciplinary actions and explaining appeal processes and rights.

Maintains liaison and provides expert assistance to specialists responsible for the administration of other specific employee programs including, but not limited to, disciplinary actions, leave administration, reasonable accommodations, conduct/suitability, disability retirement, and career development.

Participates in reviewing and giving advice and counsel on cases of intimate partner violence.

Provides support services, including hospital/home visits as needed to patients.

Facilitates support groups in the workplace for employees with sickness, employees dealing with elderly relatives, single parents, and other groups, as requested.

Designs, facilitates, and conducts appropriate training activities, such as orientation for employees under Chief of Mission authority, Community Liaison Officer training, and supervisory training.

Develops educational outreach programs to ensure an awareness of the benefits of Mental Health Services. Offers outreach in the form of videos, workshops, panel discussions, and health fair presentations. Maintains hand-out literature and a lending library on mental health, stress management, parenting, aging, and other issues of interest to employees.

Performs all duties with scrupulous regard for confidentiality and with the goal of assisting employees to maintain effective work performance.


May be required to travel globally to alternate destinations for emergencies, projects supervision disasters, etc.

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