Livessavers is a convene influential changemakers, to raise awareness and support for solutions at scale. From off-the-record, we increase understanding of global issues and create opportunities for collaboration around globally.

We bring together fresh thinking and diverse voices around innovative ideas to drive progress and tackle problems. Sometimes we work behind-the-scenes, shaping negotiations and connecting experts, advocates and decision-makers. Other times we drive public awareness and involvement through communications, campaigns. Over the years we’ve developed a diverse and dynamic portfolio of capabilities, tools, and platforms to help build a better world for everyone, everywhere.

We build durable constituencies of support across countries, communities, and causes because the challenges we face can only be solved together. We were among the earliest to bring the private sector, citizens, and governments together for greater impact. From young activists to corporate executives, from journalists to policymakers, from nonprofit leaders to celebrity influencers, we’ve grown a community for changing the world.

We invest early in action-oriented ideas and give them a chance to take root, thrive and scale up. We were one of the first to pioneer innovative public-private partnerships. Today we support initiatives that work and achieve impact at scale on the SDGs and major collective challenges. We are home to a series of successful organizations and initiatives, either created or hosted by us, that have their own identity and work as part of our family.